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My professional training as a language teacher sets me apart from other tutors offering French lessons in Boston. As an educator, I employ accurate teaching methods necessary for learning grammatical structure, phonetics, conversation, reading, writing, and comprehension. And, I know how to make the learning experience fun! With 25 years of expertise, students come away from my personalized lessons learning French and prepared to advance to the next level.
My private Boston French classes offer lesson plans customized to fit individual needs and levels of each student. This approach allows students to overcome any obstacles they may have with learning a foreign language. During my private French lessons, I work closely with each student and quickly determine needed areas for improvement with French. Private instructions with a professionally trained teacher focus on the student’s specific goals, ease concerns, and makes learning quicker and enjoyable!
Merci! May you derive as much pleasure speaking this beautiful language as I. Bonne chance!

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French Tutoring

french for children


Many parents want their children to learn French. Knowing a second language helps development and promotes memory and discipline. Parents who want to see results enroll their children in my French language classes in Boston knowing that the language education is based on a professional approach. With my personalized attention, your child will always be a step ahead of the class, making learning in school a rewarding experience.

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Customized Tutoring

For students learning French in Boston, we stress that each lesson is customized to each student’s skill level. In some cases, I give a test to new students during our first session. This way, I know just what each student requires for learning French and can tailor the learning program appropriately. I recommend two to three classes per week, one to one and a half hours each time. Each week’s lesson begins with a review of the last week’s class before moving on to new material.

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Students Abroad

For students studying abroad in France, we stress a combination of academic and social language skills. Each student develops grammatical structure, pronunciation, conversation, understanding, reading, and writing skills. Emphasis on formal writing is given as needed. Attention to everyday language and French cultural skills are addressed, as well

About Me

My Philosophy

Bienvenue! I am Svetlana and I have been tutoring French for 25 years. I offer customized, private French classes in Boston for students at every level – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. My lessons are personalized and I pay my utmost attention to the particular objectives of each student.

I am a French language teacher by training and after having received my Master’s degree in Education, I have been teaching French in various universities and colleges and have been offering private lessons.

Language is a great communicator of human nature. Teaching a language brings other cultures alive while helping students with developing memory and discipline. It also, widens student’s horizons. Imparting the skills of learning a language to another is like watching a beginning dancer step on the toes of the instructor, but after a few one-two-threes the beginner starts to swing and sway to the rhythm of the instructor – its symbiotic. Learning a language is like that. Soon students are stringing words and phrases together like steps of a dance. It is so rewarding to see students make progress, while enjoying the learning experience.

I always felt that teaching was the noblest of professions. I still feel that way, today.




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